EMS HVAC Controls Installer

Location: Orlando, FL
Date Posted: 03-13-2018
LTCG, LLC (Levalds Technical Coordination Group, LLC), is a nationwide operation that is licensed as an electrical / low voltage contractor company based in Plano, Texas.  Our focus is on hiring qualified workers in strategic locations who are open to conducting frequent and long term travel throughout the United States. The employee would be hired with the expectation of relocating in conjunction with projects lasting from two (2) to three (3) months before returning home. The average time home between projects varies, but on average is about a week.
LTCG, LLC covers travel expenses (i.e. hotel, transportation, fuel) and meals (i.e. per diem) at a higher pay scale than the typical industry standard salary.  

We are looking for Experienced EMS Installers to add to our team. We are a full service electrical contractor/ project management firm headquartered in Plano TX. This position requires 110% travel and long term on the road projects. This is KEY, if you ARE NOT a road warrior, please don't waste your time applying.

The job consists of EMS installations in retail environments. Jobsites are either new ground up construction site or existing open sites with customers present. We are looking for experienced leads but its key to find someone who can understand the travel part of the business. If you are experienced please have all your own tools of the trades. The jobs consist of installing control wiring per NEC Code, installing and commissioning of Retail EMS systems
(HVAC Controls, Lighting Controls, ETC) We move quick. It sets us apart from the competition we don't make excuses as to why a job cannot be done WE DO IT . If there is a problem we SOLVE IT. No questions asked as we possess all the tools to get any job on our schedule done. 

We also have several jobs the EMS work is offered to us so HUGE plus for technicians with EMS installation experience (HVAC Controls, Lighting Controls, ETC) 

Please email your resume DAVID@LTCG.NET along with desired pay to begin the next steps 
   Must be able to travel outside home market up to 75% of the time
·       Must be able to work outside of normal business hours (i.e., shift work), to include nights and weekends, when needed
·       Must be willing to serve in an on-call rotation
·       Must be a self-starter with the desire and ability to learn and retain new knowledge
·       Must be a team player and have excellent interpersonal communication skills
·       Must have excellent organizational and administrative skills 
·       Must have effective written and oral communication skills in English language for safety reasons
·       Ability to exercise flexibility in challenging and/or perplexing situations
·       Ability to multi-task and maintain composure in stressful and demanding work environment
    Must have understanding of basic mechanical terms and tools
·       Ability to learn and retain physical and mechanical installation specifications
·       Ability to connect and disconnect various sizes and types of electronic connectors
Physical Requirements:
·       Must take and pass a pre-assignment fitness for duty examination 
·       Weight must not exceed 250 lbs. before and during assignment in order to meet weight limits specified by safety equipment manufacturers’ standards
·       Waist circumference must not exceed 60 inches measured at the navel before and during assignment as specified by the manufacturer of safety equipment
·       Must be in good physical condition with the ability to stand, walk, bend, twist, squat, and lift and carry up to 70 lbs and pull own body weight plus equipment weight up a vertical tower repeatedly for long periods of time (6-8 hours per day)
·       Ability to climb ladders and steep staircases
·       Ability to climb tall structures (100 feet or more) with 50 lb. load and to work at altitudes of 300+ feet
·       Ability to perform repetitive movements 6-8 hours daily
·       Ability to push and pull materials and equipment 6-8 hours daily
·       Ability to work in remote and challenging locations including, but not limited to: rooftops, confined spaces, and all types of geographic locations
·       Ability to work outdoors in all types of weather conditions, including heat, cold, rain etc.
·       Ability to clearly identify specific color schemes
·       Ability to drive long distances on and off road

Please email your resume DAVID@LTCG.NET along with desired pay to begin the next steps 
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